OceanData for MySQL丨Aikesheng and Huawei jointly create a MySQL storage and computing separation solution

Shanghai Aikesheng Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. signed a memorandum of cooperation at the data storage user elite forum with the theme of "listening to cooperation and win-win", and the two parties reached cooperation in the distributed core system of finance, operators and other industries, To jointly create an all-flash solution for distributed databases, and jointly build a world-leading storage industry.

With the continuous development of 5G, distributed technology, and cloud computing technology, and the continuous deepening of digital transformation in various industries, in order to meet the needs of business reliability, operation and maintenance, and elastic expansion, database cloud service, and database cloud-native architecture have become a trend. OceanData for MySQL is a MySQL solution with a cloud-native architecture that separates storage and computing, jointly created by Huawei and Ecosun.

OceanData for MySQL adopts the mainstream storage and computing separation deployment solution of cloud-native databases and supports multiple computing instances such as containerization/virtualization. The separation of storage and computing can be independently expanded, allocated, and expanded on demand. The OceanData computing layer uses Kubernetes and virtualization technology to achieve stateless computing and high availability, realizes the simultaneous migration of database POD computing and storage resources, reduces the master-slave synchronization recovery time from hours to minutes, greatly shortens the failover time, and can achieve rapid and flexible expansion; the solution realizes MySQL full life cycle operation and maintenance management through the Ecosun intelligent operation and maintenance management cloud platform, which reduces the difficulty of cloud database operation and maintenance, and improves the efficiency of operation and maintenance; OceanData for MySQL uses Huawei OceanStor enterprise-level storage As a database, the reliability is up to 99.9999%. At the same time, with the automatic switching capability of the Ecoson platform, it can achieve zero data loss and fast recovery of database failures. Huawei OceanStor Dorado all-flash storage supports ROCE network connection technology to achieve the ultimate low latency Performance experience to ensure the overall performance of the core business. It is suitable for the upgrade of existing IT systems and the transformation of distributed databases in finance, operators, and enterprises.

Solution highlights:

. With the help of cloud-native deployment architecture, there is no intrusion to the database, which is convenient to realize the cloud deployment of the database or the smooth upgrade of the existing architecture

. Resource pooling: support unified management and scheduling of resources through the container CSI plug-in to realize the on-demand application

. Supports computing and storage resource bundling drift. When a server fails, it can quickly switch to other servers to resume business. When using master-slave switching, the switching recovery time can be shortened from hours to minutes

. Enterprise-level storage has extremely high reliability, and the reliability of SSD media is specially optimized to provide a professional data reliability guarantee

. NVMe+RDMA+ lossless network to achieve 0.05ms low latency to ensure key business performance

. Support storage IO performance QoS isolation to ensure that the storage response performance of key services meets business requirements

. Full life cycle database management platform, providing end-to-end operation and maintenance management capabilities to improve deployment and operation and maintenance efficiency

. Significantly reduce the cost of procurement, computer room, and power consumption through efficiency improvements, and reduce carbon emissions.